Ben Lynch - President

Maggie Holloway - Vice President

Anastasia Vialov - Equine wellfare 

Monique Thomas-Whitehurst

Monique is a sophomore from Middle Island, NY studying Equine Science and Management here at UK.  Monique has been show jumping for 11 years, and playing polo for 8.  In high school Monique played in the Country Farms interscholastic team.  She is currently sponsored by Cedar Croft Farms.  Over the last 4 years she has been helping get the horses for the U.S. Arena Open ready to play. 

Katie Elder

Katie is a Sophmore

Libby Graham

Libby is a Freshman

Cynthia Legelis

Cynthia is a freshman.  She is new to polo this year but we are excited to have her apart of the team!

Kate McCaughey-Marketing Officer

Kate is a freshman