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This is the official website of the University of Kentucky Polo Team. The polo team here at the University of Kentucky is a student run organization. We seek to inform, and instruct students on the game of polo in a fun, and positive environment. Individuals of all experience levels are encouraged, and welcome to join the team. It is never too late to join, and whether you are looking to compete at an intense level, or are looking to learn the sport of polo, there is a spot open for you on the Wildcat Polo Team. 


We would like to thank our 2018 sponsors!

Feed Sponsor     

Hallway feeds, has been the leading sponsor of the University of Kentucky Polo Team for the last five years now. They provide our horses with top notch nutrition, ensuring good condition from one match to the next. Our program would not be possible without the help of the wonderful family owned, and operated company of Hallway feeds based right here in Lexington. We are looking forward to another wonderful season with you all!


Veterinary Sponsor

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, became a sponsor of the University of Kentucky Polo Team this fall. They ensure that our horses are in excellent health from one game to the next. Providing us with sample supplements, and products. We are also excited to introduce our new jerseys in October that were funded by Hagyard's. We look forward to an exciting first season with Hagyard as one of our main sponsors! 


Player Sponsor

Richard Fredricks (pictured center), is a player sponsor for Women's Varsity player Monique Whithurst (pictured left). Owner of Flying Cow Polo, and Cedar Croft Polo, along with the North Shore Vet Hospital, Richard Fredricks has known Monique for nine years. They have played polo together at Country farms, and Monique has been working for him since the summer of 2015. Richard Fredricks, played at Cornell Polo, and is known to be a caring individual, and excellent coach. We are very thankful for his contribution to the University Kentucky Polo team as a sponsor for Monique!