University of Kentucky Polo 

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Semester Dues

  • Varsity- $1,500 per semester
  • Club- $500 per semester

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Formal Practice

  • Varsity Men's- Thursday's (mandatory)
  • Varsity Women's- Friday's (mandatory)
  • Co-ed Chukkers- Saturday's (optional)
  • Lexington Polo (optional)


Other Practice

  • Club- Sunday's (optional)
  • Individual lesson- Scheduled Time

Home Games

All club, and varsity members are required to attend home games for a scheduled amount of time, unexcused members will be fined for lack of attendance.


What We're About:

    Here at the University of Kentucky, our polo team is made up of a group of humble individuals looking to grow the sport of polo. We work together as a team to reach common goals, helping one another throughout the season. Our team is not limited to any level of experience. We welcome students who have extensive backgrounds in polo, and have brought up students who have never ridden a horse before. We keep an open mind to our potential, and come in each year with new goals, and the drive to grow, and develop our program. We are entirely a student run organization, promoting responsibility, and commitment among all of our collegiate members. Executive positions are open to all members on the team and look excellent on a resume, increasing hire-ability. Whether you're looking to compete across the country at places like the University of Virginia, the University of Colorado, Miami Universty etc. with our varsity members, or are just looking to stick and ball right here in Paris as a club member, the University of Kentucky polo team has a spot open for you. 


Where We Ride:

    The University of Kentucky Polo Team is based out of the Commonwealth Polo Club. Here we keep our team horses, as well as where we host practices, and games. The Commonwealth Polo Club is located a convenient 20 minutes from campus, off of Paris Pike; one of the most scenic roads in the nation. Right in the heart of Bourbon, county the Commonwealth Polo Club provides the University of Kentucky Polo team with our own pastures, a ten stall private barn, a tack unit, a poly-jog track, and an outdoor playing arena.  Additionally, the Commonwealth Polo Club offers boarding specialized only for those interested in playing polo. Follow the link to learn more about the Commonwealth Polo Club,  

    Along with practicing with members of our own team, the Commonwealth Polo Club hosts games for the Lexington Polo Club that we are able to participate in. Each week we are able to sign up to play in Chukker's with or against our own team members, or with or against Lexington Polo Club members, allowing us to play against all different levels of competition. If you are interested in becoming a member, or learning more about the Lexington Polo Club follow this link,

    Due to the fact that our team is student run, we are responsible for all work regarding our horses. This includes all fees concerning board, farrier, vet, etc. as well as barn work and maintenance. As a result, full members must be prepared to partake in responsibilities concerning the care of our Horses. However if this proves to be a problem for any certain member they may work something out with the team for an additional cost. 


What We Offer:

At University of Kentucky Polo we offer a variety of different options for students to choose from, based off of the amount of time, and commitment they wish to supply. As a member you get out of the program what you put in to the program. We offer three levels of membership; Varsity, Club, and Private lessons. 

VARSITY TEAM MEMBERSHIP - $1500 per semester

A Varsity team membership is the most inclusive membership we offer. Team members are required to attend formal practice once a week, and are encouraged to attend a co-ed chukker once a week. They have unlimited stick and ball, and riding opportunities along with full access to the arena, jog track, tack, equipment etc. They have the oppurtuiny to play in Lexington Polo Club chukkers held at either the Commonwealth Polo Club, or the Kentucky Horse Park. Varsity Team Members have the opportunity to travel across the country to play different teams throughout the year. All missed classes from official polo matches will be excused by a University approved letter for all varsity members.  As a varsity member you are responsible to feed the horses once a week at a scheduled time that works best for you.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP - $500 per semester

A club membership is a great option for students who wish to participate in the team without committing to the same level of time and money as a varsity player. Club membership is also great for players who are just starting but want to improve at a faster pace. As a Club member you are able to participate in one formal practice per week that will be instructed by varsity members. Club members have unlimited riding opportunity as long as it does not interfere with varsity practices, or varsity members. If interested, a club member also has the opportunity to upgrade to a varsity member at the start of the spring semester. Additionally, club members will be required to feed the horses once a week at a scheduled time that works best for them.


We also offer individual lessons, or practices to any student who wishes to take one. This appeals mainly to individuals who wish to give polo a try to see if they are interested in learning the game . Through this program we have also taught students how to ride and they are now successfully practicing on the club team. This is an ideal opportunity for many students as it provides a significant amount of flexibility that team, and club memberships do not. Individual lessons are an hour in length and are instructed by a varsity member. These practices are mainly centered around drills and basics of the polo game.