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Upcoming events

  • Women's Varsity @ University of Virginia (10/26-10/27)
  • Mens varsity @ The Franklin Polo Academy 10/29
  • Women's Varsity @ University of Virginia 10/27-10/28
  • Women's Varsity @ Cal Poly tournament 11/1-11/5
  • Men's Varsity @ Colorado State University 11/2-11/5
  • Women's Varsity @ Michigan State 11/3-11/4
  • Women's Varsity @ University of Connecticut 11/19
End of 2017 Matches

  • Women's Varsity @ Michigan State 1/20
  • Men's Varsity @ Cornell 2/3
  • Men's Varsity @ University of Connecticut 2/4
  • Men's and Women's Varsity Regionals 3/14-3/16
  • First annual University of Kentucky Polo Ball 3/23

First Annual University of Kentucky Polo Ball

To close out the end of the year we wanted to put together an event where all the Equine affiliated clubs at the University of Kentucky could come together. Our Fundraising Director, Libby Graham put together a wonderful event that brought together 115 members across from all different clubs and teams at the historic "Round Barn Stable of Memories" in Lex We can't thank Libby, and everyone who attended enough for such a successful night!

March "Regional Tournament"

After receiving a direct bye to the regional tournament, our Mens Varsity, Women's varsity, and 8 horses were on the road to the Virginia Polo Center. Our Women's team was represented by Monique Whitehurst, Libby Graham, Eva Crossman,   Anastasia Vialov, and Molly Hosler. After a good game our Women's team faced a tough loss against Michigan State. Our Men's team was represented by Tommy Huber, Ben Lynch, and Will Green. They played a great game for the win against Virginia Tech, and faced a tough loss against the University of Virginia the following day. Although neither of our teams prevailed to nationals we are thrilled to announce, that both Ben Lynch, and Tommy Huber received all star awards, Molly Hosler received the sportsmanship award, two of our ponies tied for "best playing pony", and we were awarded the "best playing string". The turnout of our horses is very important to us and we are already starting to prepare for next year. Thank you to all the club members that helped out at the regional tournament, and all of the families that came out in support. We could not do it without you all and are looking forward to a great 2018-2019 season!


Our Men's Varsity team represented by Ben Lynch, Will Green, Alex Roth, and Tommy Huber were on the road to Cornell, and the University of Connecticut during the first weekend of February. After facing a tough loss against Cornell, the team returned to put in a good game for the win the following day against the University of Connecticut. Our President Ben Lynch (Junior) was selected to participate in the USPA International Intercollegiate Challenge Cup, where he competed in England. Our Women's team has been competing in many scrimmages, and helping with sets in preparation for regionals. We are proud to announce that both varsity teams received a direct bye to the regional tournament.


We are back into the swing of things to start out second semester. Our women's Varsity team represented by Monique Whitehurst, Molly Hosler, Anastasia Vialov, and Libby Graham, traveled to Michigan State to face a tough loss well played game. Our Men's varsity team represented by Will Green, Tommy Huber, and Ben Lynch traveled to Cornell where they faced a tough loss, but came back to beat the University of Connecticut that same weekend. Our own Eva Crossman (Women's Varsity Freshman) traveled to Manipur, India to compete in the Women's Statehood tournament, where they made it all the way to the National finals where they faced a tough loss. Our ponies are back into work to get ready for regionals. We are off to a strong start to the 2018 year!


December was a very laid back month for the team. The ponies have been enjoying turnout since prior to thanksgiving break. All of our members are studying hard for finals, before returning back for second semester to get the ball rolling once again. We hope everyone has a happy holidays, we are looking forward to 2018!


The Wildcats had a very successful, and eventful month of November. Our Varsity Women's traveled to San Louis Obispo California, Baltimore Maryland, and Storres Connecticut. Our Varsity Men's team traveled to Fort Collins, Colorado. Two of our Varsity Men's team members Ben Lynch, and Tommy Huber took a trip to Argentina to watch the Argentine Open over Thanksgiving Break. Our ponies are turned out until the end of January for a well deserved vacation. Both our Men's and Women's team will not have another match until January. We wish all of the members of the University of Kentucky Polo Club good luck on their upcoming finals!

University of Connecticut 11/18

The Varsity Women's team was not on break over Thanksgiving vacation, and made the trip to play the University of Connecticut on November 18th. The team was represented by (as pictured) Senior Monique Whitehurst, Junior Olivia Graham, Sophomore Maggie Holloway, and Freshman Eva Crossman. After a tough match the girls won 13-11. We were very thankful for all the families that were able to attend and watch how much our team has improved, and all the work they have put in so far this year! We would also like to thank the University of Connecticut for making this game happen! This was the last match for our Women's team until 2018. 

Colorado State University 11/2-11/5

The Varsity Men's team was on the road at Colorado State University from 11/2-11/5. The Men's team was represented by (as pictured) freshman Will Green, junior Ben Lynch, sophomore Tommy Huber, and sophomore Ben Kudla (not pictured). The boys played a great, tough game against Colorado State winning 13-12 with a goal scored by Ben Lynch in the last 30 seconds of the game. Sophomore Ben Kudla played in his first game put on by Colorado as a varsity/club mix where Ben scored his first goal as well. Ben, learned to ride with us here at U.K polo so we are very thankful for Colorado State for giving him the opportunity to play. A huge thank you to everyone at Colorado State Polo for putting this game together! The boys will not have another game until 2018.

Cal Poly "Mustang Madness" tournament 11/1-11/5

The Varsity Women's team was invited to the "Mustang Madness" tournament at the Central Coast Polo Club in San Louis Obispo, California. The team was represented by (picture left to right) Freshman, Eva Crossman, and Sophomores Molly Hosler, Anastasia Vialov, and Maggie Holloway. Three games were played against Stanford, Cal Poly Varsity, and Cal Poly J.V. over the course of the weekend. Winning two out of their three games, the girls finished second in the tournament.  The girls played three great games and are looking forward to playing Garrison Forest, and the University of Connecticut in a few weeks following this tournament.  Along with playing polo, they were able to take some ponies to go riding on the beach thanks to the Cal Poly Polo Club. We would like to thank the Meghan Judge, and everyone on the Cal Poly Polo team, and Central Coast Polo club for making this event possible. 


The polo team at the University of Kentucky has had a very busy month of October. The Varsity Men’s team competed both at the University of Virginia, and in Nashville at the Franklin Polo Academy. The Varsity Women’s team competed at the University of Virginia, and will be headed to California at the end of the month. We have had a lot of club players out to practice who are picking up polo quickly, and are even getting in some practice chukkars. Our ponies were all given medical exams, and had their teeth done by the team at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute to ensure that they are in good health, and condition for the year. We also added a new pony to the herd “Minnie” who was kindly donated by Cindy Halle. We have a lot to look forward to in the next couple of months!

Franklin Polo Academy

Our Varsity Men’s team traveled to Nashville on October 29th to compete against the Franklin Polo Academy. The boys team was represented by Freshman, Will Green, Sophomore Tommy Huber, and Junior, Ben Lynch. We took 8 ponies with us, those being Willie, Queso, Elmo, Jack, Peanut (owned by Eva Crossman), Columbia, Paz, and Cajun. The match ended in a tie, and Jack won the Best Playing Pony award. We would like to thank the Franklin Polo Academy for having us, Ann Green for shipping our horses, and the Fuqua family for taking photos, and supplying us with lunch, and coolers for the horses. We appreciate all the support, and be sure to check out Gil Fuqua’s photos that have been added to the website in the “Franklin Polo Academy 2017” album!

University of Virginia team C

Our Varsity Women’s traveled to the University of Virginia over October 27-28 to pay the University of Virginia C team in preparation for their upcoming tournament in Cal Poly. The Women’s team consisted of Sophomore, Anastasia Vialov, Sophomore, Maggie Holloway, and freshman, Eva Crossman. For their first time playing together the girls played extremely well defeating UVA 14-1. This was a great game to have before the girls head to California on November 1st. We would like to thank the players and coaches at UVA for making this happen, and for housing our Women’s team in the Beh house.

University of Virginia Fall Invitational

Our Varsity Men’s team traveled to the University of Virginia with 5 horses to play in the Fall Invitational tournament for the second year in a row. The Men’s team consisted of Junior, Ben Lynch, Sophomore, Tommy Huber, and Freshman, Wil Green. Three of the varsity girls came along as well to help care for the horses. The five horses consisted of Sugar, Elmo, Columbia, Queso, and Willie. Their first game was against the UVA varsity men’s. The boys came out strong, but faced a tough loss in a penalty shootout loosing 14-15. The boys played again against Southern Methodist University varsity men’s where they played a tough game where they lost 12-16. All the horses played very well, and came out of both games in great shape. We cannot thank the Collins family for housing our team in Charlottesville, Ms. Ann Green for shipping our horses safely, the University of Virginia for organizing this tournament, and to all the parents, and family members for coming out, and showing support for our team. This was a great start to the season and we are excited to see what our Varsity Men’s team can accomplish this year!

September 2017

The ponies arrived back in Lexington on Friday September 22. We will be staying at the Commonwealth Polo Club for the second year in a row. With thanks to the Huber family we are excited to welcome two new horses Sugar, and Cajun to the team. We have started taking out sets before and after classes to get the horses back in shape for the University of Virginia Fall Invitational coming up in October. We had our first Club introductory practice on September 24th, and our first Women's practice on September 29th. Thanks to the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, all of the horses were given health examinations on September 28th to ensure that they are ready to play. We are off to a great start and are looking forward to a great year ahead!

September- The Bluegrass Invitational Cup

Members of both the Varsity Men's, and Women's team were able to participate in a invitational cup put on by Mount Brilliant Farm. Our members were able to connect with some good contacts, and watch an incredible game of grass polo played by Dixana, and Black Rock. It was a wonderful opportunity for our team and we would like to thank the Goodman's of Mount Brilliant farm for inviting us to this awesome event!

April 2017

All of the ponies have gone to their homes for the summer. Two stayed here in Kentucky, while the other eight went to Maryland. We are thankful for the great 2016-2017 year that we had and everyone who made it possible. We are looking forward to beginning next semester on a good note, as for now enjoy your summer!

March 2017- Regional Finals

The varsity Women's team traveled to the Virginia Polo Center to compete against Michigan State University, and the University of Virginia for Regional Finals. Libby Graham , Kate McCaughey, Anastasia Vialov, Molly Hosler, Maggie Holloway, represented the women's team. Monique Whitehurst, and President Ben Lynch came along for support and coaching.  Unfortunately, they did not prevail but they played two great games, and it was a wonderful experience. Molly Hosler even won another all-star award for the Wildcats. University of Virginia won the Regional tournament, and we wish them all the best at Nationals in Santa Barbara!

February 2017- Preliminary Finals

After a freak accident while traveling which lead to the loss of the team favorite pony "Penguin", the girls gave it their all at Preliminary Finals.The match was held at the Atlanta Regional Polo center in Georgia. The varsity women's team was represented by Anastasia Vialov, Molly Hosler, Libby Graham, Kate McCauhgey, and Maggie Holloway. The team was coached by Monique Whitehurst, and President Ben Lynch. After loosing to Emory in the first match, the girls turned around and came back strong to beat Virginia Tech, winning the tournament in net goals. Molly Hosler won an all-star award for the Wildcats, and everyone improved immensely from the first game against Emory to the second game against Virginia Tech. The Women's team will now be heading to the Virginia Polo Center in March to compete in the Regional Finals tournament!

January 2017

We have had a very busy month of January. We shipped the horses back to Commonwealth Polo Club following winter turnout. Three new club members joining for the spring semester even braved the cold for practice. Three of members of our varsity team went and played Michigan State University over the third weekend in January. The team was represented by Anastasia Vialov, Molly Hosler, and Maggie Holloway. Although, they did not prevail this was they first game playing with one another and the improved greatly throughout the weekend. Over the fourth weekend in January the women's team was represented by Kate McCaughey, Anastasia Vialov, Molly Hosler, and Libby Graham at the Virginia Polo Center where they competed against the University of Virginia to secure a spot for the preliminary finals tournament. The girls played a great game and we are excited to start preparing for preliminary finals in February!

November 2016- UK vs. Garrison

Members of the Kentucky team traveled home for Thanksgiving and were able to play Garrison School while they were at it. The Wildcats were represented by Ben Lynch, Anastasia Vialov, Maggie Holloway, and alum Posey Obrecht. It was a great match and Ben Lynch was awarded the player of the game. Prior to leaving for Thanksgiving break, the Kentucky horses were put on winter turnout for some time off until the students return from Christmas break in January. 

October 2016- Franklin Polo Academy

Our varsity Men's team traveled to Nashville, with a string of 7 horses to compete against the Franklin Polo Academy. The Men's team was represented by Ben Lynch, Nick Vidal, and Tommy Huber. Although, the boys team did not prevail the event was very well done, and they had a great time playing. We are hoping to be back at the Tractor Supply Arena in the future!

October 2016- Fall Invitational @ The Virginia Polo Center

The Men's Varsity team, two members of the Women's team, and 12 horses traveled to the Virginia Polo Center for the 2016 Fall Invitational. With two flat tires on the way and one on the way home the trip was quite eventful. The Men's team was represented by Ben Lynch, Nick Vidal, and Tommy Huber. Anastasia Vialov, and Maggie Holloway also attended as grooms. The boys competed against Miami University, and The University of Virginia. It was a great weekend, and the boys played very well as it was their first time playing together. All horses and players came home safely and we would like to thank our President Ben Lynch for shipping the horses to the tournament. 

October 2016- Annie's Answer Charity Event

We had our first event of the year held at the Commonwealth Polo Club. The event was a fundraiser for the Annie's Answer Charity. It was a coed game featuring some out of club members. It was a great event in all areas, raising money for a good cause. Freshmen Tommy Huber, won an all star award for the wildcats, and Columbia was awarded Best Playing Pony. Following this game we are excited to get the season under way and competing in more games in the future, go cats!